Smooth and fast

The Raptor

Inspired by Eastern tradition, redesigned in modern materials.

The Raptor is a traditional bow made from modern materials with the looks and feel of an Asiatic bow. It’s special designed limbs and static tips allow for a very smooth draw and fast arrow flight.

Signature look

The Sunburst Raptor

Bamboo cores stained by hand gives the Sunburst Raptor it’s signature look. 

Killer contrast

The Black Raptor

Crafted with premium black fiberglass for a contrasting look. 

Reinforced tips

Tips reinforced with an extreme durable phenolic composite to protect your Raptor against wear of tough fast flight strings.

Leather grip

Comfortable stitched leather grip.

Stingray skin arrowpass

Optional stingray skin arrowpass for durability and great looks.