Traditional craftsmanship with modern performance!

Modern performance with traditional look and feel

All bows are handmade by me from premium materials. By combining the use of modern innovative techniques with handcraft knowledge and tools you get one of the best traditional bows out there: Traditional Craftsmanship with Modern Performace.

Have a look

Shooting my new Raptor yesterday evening was great. It's so smooth to draw and stores a lot of energy.
Incredible shooting experience.


I shot about 30 arrows yesterday, ( 3 fingers under) the Bow is very smooth/ seems very fast/ no hand shock or vibes!


I am really impressed and I could not be any happier with the bow. It is a wonderful piece of kit that works beautiful and at the same is a work of art. You truly delivered 100%. Thank you very much for that.


The aesthetics of this masterpiece are mind-boggling. Pure beauty and perfection.


It is an ``Out of the Box`` high-Performer.
Not only does the bow look fantastic, it feels supreme quality and it shoots like a charm!
Thank you for building this dream bow for me.

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